Factoring made simple by All Star Funding Solutions

What is Invoice Factoring? Invoice Factoring is a relationship when a Client (Business) sells its invoices to a Factoring company (third party).  In return the Factoring Company will agree to advance an agreed percentage of the invoice in advance which is known as the prepayment.  The funding made available by the Factoring Company can be […]

How easy is it to switch an Invoice Finance Facility?

Invoice Finance used to be seen as a facility which was difficult and time consuming to switch. Business owners would see switching lenders as a daunting task for both themselves and their Customers. This resulted in many Businesses discarding the idea of switching and remaining with their current provider irrespective of cost or service. Over […]

A month which has exceeded all expectations.

Business Loans

Well it’s been a busy month for All Star Funding Solutions, a month which has exceeded all expectations. We have had numerous meetings throughout the month and have now increased our panel of lenders to over 50 in all areas of Invoice Finance, Asset Finance, Loans, Bridging Finance & Credit Insurance. If you are looking […]

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