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Amazon Seller Funding

Purchase more inventory and scale your marketing using our fast, flexible capital

Access additional capital as your business grows – Amazon Seller Funding Now Available

Amazon Seller Funding – To begin with as your revenue grows, the limit on your loan or credit lines increases. Knowing you can access this capital seamlessly, you can make bolder decisions about the future of your company.

Unlock your Amazon business potential with a Amazon Seller loan for inventory, marketing and growth. Remove cashflow limitations, retain control over strategy. Scale to new heights.

Minimum requirements

Amazon seller

Opted into Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA)

6+ months in business + £10k monthly revenue

Apply in minutes

Register and connect your Amazon account

Connect your sales and bank accounts.

Provide basic details about your business

Benefits of a Amazon Seller Loan

  • Cash Flow Management: Firstly working capital allows you to manage your cash flow effectively. Without enough working capital, you won’t be able to cover your expenses or continue operating at the speed in which you would like to
  • Flexibility: Secondly having a healthy amount of working capital gives you the flexibility to take advantage of opportunities as they arise. For example, if you come across a great deal on stock, you can purchase without worrying about the ramifications to your day-to-day operations. 
  • Reactivity: Both in product and marketing terms. With trends often going as fast as they appear, it is important to be able to be able to reach quickly whether that be through product line development or through reactive marketing. Both of which cost so having working capital availability allows you to be able to move at appropriate speeds and remain competitive. 
  • Marketing and promotion: Beyond reactive marketing, furthermore working capital is a vital component for effective marketing and promotional activities. For this reason readily available working capital allows brands to create awareness.
  • Growth and Expansion: As your business grows, so will your appetite to push the boundaries of product ranges, marketing spend and geographical coverage. Therefore you will need to invest in new product lines, new equipment, hire more employees, increase warehousing or 3PL partners and expand your other operations. Working capital allows you to do this without putting too much unnecessary strain on your finances.

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