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Asset Finance

How to choose the right Finance lender?

Over at All Star Funding Solutions we work with a panel of over 50 Asset Finance lenders across the UK.

When asked about which Asset Finance lender is the best. In reality the majority all provide the same service and it is the cost which differs.

There a many Asset Finance lenders in the UK and these are based on a tier rating. Tier 1 lenders are the cheapest lenders. As you go down the tiers the cost increases depending on the risk.

What is Asset Finance?

Asset finance is used by Businesses to help with the purchase of Assets they need to operate.

A lender will purchase the Asset on behalf of the Business. A Business therefore does not incur the full cost in buying the Asset outright.

The Business will then pay a regular monthly fee over an agreed period of time to purchase the Asset.

The most common types of asset finance are leasing and hire purchase.

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Benefits of using All Star Funding Solutions.

With a large panel of lenders we can make sure that there is a quick turnaround. Furthermore we can offer:

Fast Decisions – decisions within 24 hours.
Personalised Solutions – tailored quotes on your specific requirements.
Cash Release – Free up your cash flow.
Industry Experience – Our panel of lenders are experts in their field.

How can All Star Funding Solutions help your Business!

We work with all types of businesses and circumstances.

Above all our services are FREE. This is in contrast to other Commercial Finance brokers who may charge a fee.

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All Star Funding Solutions are based in London & Manchester. Our panel of lenders are based across the UK and so we are able to offer a full nationwide service.



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