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Need finance in a hurry? With a panel of over 30 Bridging Loan lenders we have the ability to source fast bridging loans that are tailored to suit your needs.

Bridging Loans from £100k to £10mil

We will find the perfect Bridging Loan for your business.

Our team of experts can talk you through the various options to ensure you find the perfect Bridging Loan for your Business needs.

What are Bridging Loans?

There are many uses for Bridging Loans as they can be quite flexible in their usage. In essence they are used due to their quickness and simplicity whilst a more permanent solution is put in place.

This type of loan is commonly known as a temporary solution and is often required to be repaid within 12 months. Bridging loans are specifically meant for a short-term purpose.

A Bridging Loan is used to enable a Business to obtain a quick injection of cash they need to move forward. Funding can be quick and put in place within a week and is ideal for those Businesses who need the funding and can repay back within a short timeframe.

Bridging Loans for property buyers.

Bridging loans are often used by property buyers to help secure properties whilst a more permanent solution can be put in place. A Bridging loan can help a purchaser by allowing further time to complete all the necessities of surveys and legalities which can often take weeks or months to complete.


Generally the rate of interest is often charged monthly or daily. The interest is charged for the duration of the loan until it is repaid.

Furthermore the rate of the Bridging Loan is determined by many factors. The key factors are the risk of the transaction and the security offered.

In many cases a Bridging Loan is provided on a interest only basis. At the end of the term the loan will need to be repaid or refinanced.

If your business requires funding then we can help you find the solution.

We are experts when it comes to brokering the best deals for our clients. This includes bridging loans.

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