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Credit Insurance – Business

Here at All Star Funding Solutions, we understand the potential outcomes, and the importance of an insurance policy to provide protection.

That’s why we help to broker credit insurance for a variety of businesses and companies.

Credit insurance is a fantastic way to safeguard your business. Protection from the negative impact and potentially disastrous effects of bad debts.

In fact, although credit agreements are a common trading practice, around 25% of business bankruptcies are directly related to unpaid invoices. This goes to show that credit agreements may be more commercially risky than you realise.

After all, with a credit agreement, the payment itself can feel beyond your control. As a result, it’s obvious that credit insurance is an intelligent investment.

Protecting your cash flow, supporting business growth, and removing the need for bad debt reserves. There are a large list of benefits which credit insurance provides.

That’s why we work so hard here at All Star Funding Solutions to broker the best deal for credit insurance, across our range of clients, in a range of commercial settings.

We are committed and driven to delve for a deal that will suit your unique and individual needs.

As a result, you’ll feel a lot more secure when operating in your usual commercial trades. We promise that you won’t be left out of pocket with outrageous insurance prices.

If your business requires funding then we can help you find the solution. We are able to source all types of funding for all circumstances.

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