Start Up Business Loans.

Start Up Loans

Does your new Business need an injection of funds?

Start Up Business Loans are required for many new businesses in the UK. As the volume of new start up Businesses is high it would be expected that there would be a high demand for finance to assist the Start Up.

With a high demand for finance it would be expected that there would be a good supply to meet the demand. The reality is that there is only a small level of assistance for Start Up Businesses in the UK. Please find below a couple of options which are available.

Government Funded Start Up Loans

The Start Up Loans Company offers personal loans for business purposes. The rates are very good at 6% per annum and terms are up to 5 years.

The Start Up Loan Company can provide a loan of £25,000 per Director for any business with less than 24 months trading.

Our back office teams are able to work alongside a business to make sure the application is fully completed and they can help put together the loan application which increases the chance of success.

Alternative Start Up Loans Market

If the Start Up Loans Company decline an application or the Start Up does not meet the criteria then the alternative loan market should be the next step.

The alternative loan market has a limited amount of lenders who are prepared to assist Start Up businesses unless there is sufficient security provided to minimize the risk to the lender.

Unsecured Start Up Loans

In reality these are few and far between for new Start Ups as lenders see a major risk with a Start Up. If a lender is willing to assist the level of funding is usually <£50,000 and more often than not the term has to be less than 24 months.

Secured Loans

If a Director / Owner of a Start Up is a homeowner and has equity in their property then this will improve the chances of obtaining funding. The amount of lenders available to assist significantly increases.

Poor Credit History

It is almost a myth that poor credit history has an effect on a Start Up Business obtaining funding.

In essence even a Director / Owner with a good credit history will struggle to obtain funding on an unsecured basis.

As above if there is security to be provided then most often a lender will overlook the poor credit history as their lending is secured against an asset.

Asset Finance

A number of Start Up Businesses have the need to purchase Assets for a business. They often would look at obtaining a loan to buy assets which is not always the best solution.

The only caveat to be aware of is that any new Start Up Business would be required to provide at least a 10% or 20% deposit against the asset with the lender supporting the remainder.

Invoice Finance (factoring / Invoice Discounting)

Invoice Finance is a great option once a business has started to trade and has their funds tied up in outstanding invoices. Over at All Star Funding Solutions we can help unlock these Invoices and have lenders who can assist.

There are various options available. The realist is that most Invoice Finance lenders will require the facility to be disclosed to the debtor. The lender would also likely insist on completing the credit control in a professional basis.

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