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There are two main types of invoice finance. In principle they appear to be the same but they do offer additional benefits to a business:

  • Factoring – This is when the lender manages the sales ledger and undertakes a credit control function on behalf of the business.
  • Confidential Invoice Discounting – This is when the lender provides finance only against sales ledger and the business retains the ownership of the credit control function.

How to compare providers.

As part of our FREE Comparison service we review a number of options (see below) to make sure your business is provided with the right funding solution.

  • Factoring or Discounting. Initially we would needs to establish the type of facility which would be required. If the business requires assistance with credit control then Factoring would be the preferred solution. If the business can manage the credit control themselves then Invoice Discounting is the solution.
  • Set Up Charge. All types of facility will usually incur a set up charge.
  • Service Fee. This is the key cost with any facility. It is the amount charged per invoice and is usually a set percentage throughout the term of the facility – say 2%.
  • Prepayment Rate. When you set up a facility the lender will agree to advance a set percentage of the invoice up front. This is known as the prepayment rate. This rate is usually the same throughout the term of the facility. A prepayment rate can vary from 50% up front to 100% up front. The rate is determined by the risk posed to the lender.
  • Length of Agreement. Each lender is different with the length of their agreements. Some lenders have agreements as short as 30 days and some can have terms of up to 12 months.
  • Exports. The level of exports in a sales ledger needs to be known as not all lenders will support export sales.
  • Concentration. We need to review the sales ledger to check the concentration levels of each debtor. The concentration of a sales ledger will determine which lenders will or will not be able to assist.
  • Credit Protection. Are you worried about bad debts? If so then looking to add credit protection to your facility may be a consideration.

What is the Comparison process?

1. Get in touch.

The easiest way to start your FREE comparison is to click the link above. Simply fill in your details and one of our experienced specialists will be in touch to go through your options.

Our specialists can discuss the variety of funding options available to you. After this conversation we will know more about the business and your requirements to go to market to find a suitable lender.

2. We speak to our panel of lenders.

We currently work with a large panel of over 30 Invoice Finance lenders. As we are an independent broker we have the ability to work with a great variety of specialist lenders. This enables us to find the perfect solution for your business.

3. We connect you with the lenders.

After we have carefully matched your requirements to specific lenders we will look to connect you directly. This means that you have the final say and can make sure that you are comfortable with the lender.

We will not pass your details onto more than three lenders. This means that you will not be inundated with calls and can keep things simple and manageable.

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About us.

All Star Funding Solutions Ltd is an Independent Commercial Finance broker and not a lender. As we are independent we can offer the best impartial Invoice Finance quote tailored to your business needs.

With a panel of over 30 UK lenders we can find you the best solution

We work with lenders who are able to provide an advance rate of up to 100% of your unpaid invoices. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for funding against a single invoice, a single debtor or a full sales ledger we can help you find the right invoice finance option at the lowest rate.

As members of the Financial Intermediary and Broker Association you can be assured of a great service.



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