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Factoring vs Invoice Discounting

Invoice Finance

Comparing Factoring vs Invoice Discounting options To begin with we are often asked what are the differences between Factoring vs Invoice Discounting. The answer is quite simple and we cover the two different Invoice Finance options below. Firstly Invoice financing is a form of borrowing extended by a lender or a bank to its Clients […]

What is Construction Invoice Finance?

Construction Invoice Finance

What is Construction Invoice Finance? Construction invoice finance, also known as construction factoring, is a financing option that provides short-term working capital to construction companies by using their outstanding invoices as collateral. Here’s how it works: A construction company completes a project and generates an invoice for the work done. Instead of waiting for the […]

Contract Invoice Finance

Contract Invoice Finance

What is Contract Invoice Finance? Contract Invoice Finance is a funding and support solution for contractors and sub-contractors who provide services to a main contractor. Funding is available throughout the various stages of a contract, including applications for payment prior to certification. The ability to successfully start new contracts and maintain existing ones relies on […]



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