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What is PG Insurance?

Personal Guarantee Insurance

What is a Personal Guarantee (PG)? Firstly what is PG Insurance? To begin with a personal guarantee is a contract by which someone promises to pay any deficiencies on a specific loan or account which cannot be met by the principal debtor. Secondly most guarantee forms require joint and several liabilities, meaning that each individual […]

Factoring is Expensive?? A complete Myth..


Is Factoring Expensive? Well this is the perception of many business owners, but in reality Factoring can represent good value for money. Is Factoring expensive? The key reason why Factoring is seen as expensive is because it is often compared against other forms of funding products such as Loans or Overdrafts. Factoring is also seen […]

How to switch Invoice Factoring providers


How to switch your current Invoice Factoring / Invoice Discounting provider  Click Below for a FREE Quote Many businesses do not look to switch Invoice Factoring providers and are seen to stay with their current provider for far too long as there is a misconception that by changing provider will be difficult and time […]

Secured Business Loans

Business Loans

Secured Business Loans FAQ What is a Secured Business loan? To begin with a secured Business loan is a term used to describe a loan which is secured against an Asset. This provides a further level of security to the lender. The asset which can be used to secure a loan can be property, equipment, […]

What is Trade Finance?

Trade Finance

SME Supply Chain Trade Finance To begin with Trade Finance is a unique supply chain funding solution for the SME sector Firstly Businesses use Trade Finance as a way of owning the process of wholesale trades, it helps by freeing up a businesses working capital and management time, by funding product purchases. Secondly by using […]

Bridging Loan Calculator

Bridging Loan Calculator

How much do Bridging Loans cost? Bridging loans are typically short term options which are “interest only” loans. The terms are usually 12 months in length but there are some options of 24 months to the right applicants. There are various types of Bridging loans but the most common is an interest only term with […]

Easy to Switch from HSBC Invoice Finance

HSBC Invoice Finance

HSBC Invoice Finance HSBC Invoice Finance UK Limited (HSBC Net) are one of the largest providers of Invoice Finance in the UK. As part of the HSBC Bank Plc group they work closely with their banking colleagues to provide a total finance solution for their Clients. As they have one of the largest market shares […]

Funding Secure Limited

Funding Secure Limited

Funding Secure Limited – in administration On the 23rd October 2019 Peer-to-peer lender Funding Secure Limited went into administration. The collapse has left thousands of investors exposed to significant losses. Furthermore the lender was seen to be one of the UK’s leading alternative investment platforms. The problems started when a large number of borrowers struggled […]



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