Construction Invoice Finance.

Finance available for Contractors and Sub Contractors


Construction Invoice Finance is a specialist funding product aimed at supporting Businesses specifically within the Construction sector.

With Construction Invoice Finance a lender will provide a facility which allows a business to obtain finance against it’s outstanding applications or invoices. The usual prepayment for Invoice Finance is around 50% in advance.


A business will carry out their work as normal, and then submit to the lender their invoice, application for payment or stage payment.

The lender will then verify the submission with a view to releasing the agreed funding. The business is then able to use this funding against the project or contract.

One of the key benefits to using Construction Invoice Finance is that there is often no formal tie in periods, and no notice period to give should you wish to leave.

The facility can be provided on a Disclosed or Non Disclosed basis.


The answer to this question will vary per lender. In most cases there are no up-front fees and then there is a cost per invoice and a cost to borrow any funding which is provided by the lender.

To come up with a total cost the lenders will consider many variables such as who your debtors are, the size and length of contract and the type of work you are doing.

Most lenders will ask to review a copy of the contract as a starting point and can then give you a no obligation indication of costs .


Most lenders see the Construction sector as high risk. As a result most lenders will require that the facility to have some level of risk protection.

Credit Insurance may not have been a consideration, however, previous debtors within the sector have failed leaving a large number of businesses feeling the after effect.

Please take a look at our credit insurance page for more details

Why use an Invoice Finance broker?

All Star Funding Solutions have over 17 years’ experience in the Invoice Factoring / Invoice Discounting sector and we work with all the key lenders in the UK. We are completely independent and use our experience to not only identify the perfect solution but to help bridge the gap between the lender and business.

All Star Funding Solutions is also able to negotiate better rates on behalf of the business and we are confident of reducing the fees on every business we work with. In fact we have a 100% record in 2017, 2018 and so far in 2019 of reducing the costs on every business we have worked with.

If you are looking to switch lenders this is our key specialty. We have helped switch a large number of facilities in our time and all our lenders follow the ABFA code of conduct for switching facilities.  

Our personal approach means that we are trustworthy and approachable. We are able to minimise the impact of any transfer process.

If you are interested in finding out more about Invoice Factoring / Invoice Discounting please give us a call on 0161 8211478 for a confidential discussion.

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