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We are proud sponsors of Wigan Athletic USA International Footballer Antonee Robinson

All Star Funding Solutions Limited are pleased to announce our sponsorship of Wigan Athletics flying full back Antonee Robinson for the 2018/2019 season. Antonee is currently on loan at Wigan Athletic from parent club Everton FC. 10 Key Facts Antonee signed for Everton as an 11-year-old and worked his way through the academy. After a […]

Wigan Youth Zone – Annual Golf Day September 2018

The team at All Star Funding Solutions attended Wigan Youth Zones annual Golf Day on 7th September at Wigan Golf Course. Over 30 teams attended the event which was organised in collaboration with Clarkes Golf Centres and David Clarke himself. Team All Star consisted of : Neil Lukins (All Star Funding Solutions Ltd) Keith Davidson […]

What is spot factoring?

Spot factoring is a type of facility which allows businesses to fund cash flow by selling an individual invoice or debtor to a third party (a “factor”). Spot factoring is also known as selective invoice discounting or single invoice factoring. Unlike traditional invoice finance facilities you do not have to finance your whole sales ledger […]

Financial Tips For Small Businesses

In such a globalized world, where markets are increasingly competitive, and commercial “giants” are increasingly powerful. Succeeding is a real challenge for small businesses. The fact that it is complex does not mean that it is impossible. There are different ways to push a small business to the right place so that it starts to […]

Five Important Advantages Of Employing The Services Of Commercial Finance Brokers

Access to finance is one of the major challenges for business owners. In the past, finance for businesses was provided by banks in local communities that worked with business owners and provided funds based on business needs. But in recent years, these banks have been unable to meet up with these finance needs thereby creating […]

How could your Business benefit from a Start Up Loan.

How could your Business benefit from a Start Up Loan. Over the years the volume of Start Up business has increased from 440,000 in 2011 to over 650,000 in 2016. It is expected that this trend will continue with over 700,000 Businesses being started up in 2017. With this high level of Start Ups being […]

Construction Finance by All Star Funding Solutions

At All Star Funding Solutions we know that cash flow is the key driver for success in the Construction sector. We are experts in sourcing the very best funding and offer fast access to working capital. The funding we can source can be against a single contract or a full ledger of construction related invoices. […]

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