Whether its a short term loan to get you started, or a longer term loan for a period of up to five years, a commercial business loan can help you manage your finances, keep your business running smoothly, and fund your growth.

With a commercial business loan you can rest assured that whatever your business dreams are, you can secure the cash to make them a reality.

Here at All Star Funding Solutions, we work alongside a range of financiers and lenders. As a result, we are in the best position to establish a great deal for you, the client. We can help find the perfect commercial business loan, with a repayment option to suit you and your company. Contact us today to find out more.

We operate throughout the UK but have built strong relationships in the following areas Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, Sheffield, Preston, Newcastle, York, Chester, Birmingham, Warrington, St Helens, Wigan, Bolton, Bury. If your business requires funding then we can help you find the solution.

Commercial Business Loans FAQ’s

What are your fees?
There are no charges to yourself as our fees are covered by the lender who you choose to work with.
What value of loans are you able to source?
We specialise in sourcing loans from £5,000 to £5,000,000 with terms from 2 weeks to 5 years.
How much does the Loan cost?
This is a difficult question to answer as the cost is specific to each lender, the amount borrowed and the type of security provided for the loan. Typically unsecured borrowings are more costly as the risk is higher to the lender.
What is the average rate of the loan?
We appreciate that banks will often provide the better rates for their customers, however, where there is lack of appetite to support a loan request we can usually source a provider to help. The average rate for a non-High Street bank financier is approx 1.5% per month on the amount borrowed.
How quickly can you put a Loan in place?
This depends on you. We can source the lenders very quickly. The lenders may require information to be provided and this is where you come in. The quicker the information provided the quicker the set up process will be. An average loan is usually drawn down put in place within a week but could be quicker. We do work with one lender who can provide funding to your bank in less than 12 minutes from application.
What security do we need to provide?
We can arrange loans up to £50,000 where only a Personal Guarantee from the Directors is required. If the Loan is for a larger value than this then the lenders we work with will usually require tangible security to be provided in the form of a charge over property.
What are the criteria for unsecured loans?
As these types of loans present more of a risk to the lenders we work with the criteria is as follows:

• Registered LTD or LLP
• Filed accounts
• Profitable business
• No significant CCJs within past 3 years

What is the basic criteria for Secured loans?
• Registered LTD, LLP or SPV
• Established business
• Experienced management team
• Good credit rating and security

Can we repay early?
Yes we do work with a number of lenders who allow early repayment without any penalties. In fact we often encourage spreading the term so that the monthly amount fee repayable is less and you clear the balance in full at the point you intended. We leave this with you to discuss with the individual lender.
Are you able to source personal loans?
No. We only source loans for established businesses only.
I am based overseas can you help?
Unfortunately our panel of lenders can only deal with UK registered businesses.